Ce que nous savons faire...

CO&IN is ready to answer the competitive needs of this industry through the expertise of people who know the values conveyed by a label or tag, providing the market with highly customizable quality items thanks to a production process mainly organized in a direct way, which brings further advantages in terms of confidentiality, quality and costs.


Graphics and Design: they have become the interpreters of both market trends & co-design. Months before the release of a new collection, CO&IN considers with the customer the values that label and tag are to convey about the product.

: their knowledge is not enough; they have to be tested and handled in order to be transformed into industrial produces. As soon as a new material appears on the market, CO&IN’s aim is to try and transform it into an opportunity for its clients.

Innovation and techniques are always at our customers’ service.
First in its industry, CO&IN has used the U.V. offset press, which enables printing on any kind of support, including plastic supports as polypropylene or polyethylene, as well as polyester, cotton, satin jackron or Tyvek® labels.

Range of Products: CO&IN produces labels, tags and all kinds of printed items, anti counterfeiting systems, polypropylene mini-packaging, and high-frequency silk-screened labels, with stitches or seams, laser shaped or in-relief labels, and woven or genuine leather labels.

Print Service: CO&IN can provide you with the best service, thanks to:
- integrated management system of quotes, orders, stocks, invoices and book-keeping by means of dedicated software, to keep the order cycle always under control, from acquisition to packaging and shipping to the customer;
- digital pre-press with colour proof and CTP (Computer To Plate) to directly etch the offset printing plate and CTF (Computer To Film) to directly expose the screen-printing film;
- U.V. and traditional offset press, glossy and matte spot coating on 4 state-of-the-art multi-colour machines;
- dry-relief offset, hot stamping with metal and holographic foils, printing with micro-etched plates;
- colour mixing with electronic formulation system and employment of a spectrophotometer to objectively control the dye component in accordance with European ISO standards;
- automatic and manual die cutting for all kinds of support;
- folding, application of metal eyelets and knotting of strings and ribbons with high-speed automatic machines.

Quality: The respect and attention paid to the protection of the environment are qualifying aspects of the certifying project, involving the whole CO&IN’s productive cycle, from design to distribution.