How We Do It (Technology)

Production Management
- Integrated software package to manage quotes, orders, stocks, final balances and book-keeping, every step is under control in real-time

Pre-Press Equipment
- laser photoplotter for films (CTF)
- CTP (Computer To Plate) for offset printing plates
- Macintosh, Windows and Unix workstations for impositions and layout making.



Direct preparation of plates and films with a higher quality while saving time and polluting acids. A perfect register that translates into top visual quality for the customer’s printed matter, both with offset press and screen printing.

Digital print
Color Digital Laser Printer 2.400x2.400 dpi resolution, with special variable data print software (barcodes, text, sizes, pictures), to realize samples and small urgently needed production on fabrics and cardboards up to more than 350 grs.



Fast and free-of-charge mock-up to show the complete job, overprinting of variable informations on tags

Press Equipment

- 4 (2 to 4 colours)  U.V. and traditional offset printing presses
- network connection of press machines for automatic inking setting from the pre-press
- spectrodensitometer with ink formulation software to formulate and objectively control (ISO standards) the colour to be printed



- control of the printed colour to ensure a deviation within ISO CIELAB delta 1 from a reference sample
- control during production to ensure a uniform non-subjective ink quantity

Offset U.V.

- they instantly dry on all supports thanks to U.V. light, even those that do not absorb ink (plastic materials, resinated fabric, pearled papers)
- they are highly resistant to light
- they enable high speed printing on all kinds of support and a high resistance to washing.

Finishing Equipment

- automatic and manual punching machines (with in-relief capabilities)
- automatic and manual hot stamping machine
- drills for clean holes
- linear cutters
- automatic folding machine
- automatic machine to insert strings, eyelets and pins



It enables to automatically and simultaneously insert the string, eyelet and pin even with booklets or matched tags, speeding up production leadtime and keeping cost very low.
It enables an accurate visual control on the entire production, thus ensuring the highest quality of the items.

Raw Material internal warehouse

more than 1.100 different paper, cardboard, plastic or textile material, threads and ribbons, safetypins and eyelets, always ready for faster production and sampling orders, quantity availability always in real-time

Integrated Worldwide Logistic Service

We menage shipment worldwide taking care of all custom documents, North-Africa, India, China and Far-East, U.S.A. and America